New Curler 101

How is curling played?

For a great explanation on curling visit this web site

Or for the best two minute video explaining curling visit

What do I need to curl?

In order to curl there is no required equipment that you must buy (except for clean shoes!!). The club will provide all the basic materials you need to get started, a slider, a broom and a stabilizer. As you get more experienced you might decide to purchase a pair of curling shoes and your own curling broom as well as specific curling clothing.

What should I wear to curl?

The ice house is approx. 40 degrees so proper clothing is important. You should wear loose fitting clothing in layers. Think shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants etc. Try not to get to bulky since that will interfere with getting into the delivery position. You want to have layers so you can remove/add clothing as you need it. Footwear is the most important element. You should wear sneakers; no boots, dress shoes, Uggs, flip flops, heals, deck shoes etc. The sneakers must be clean and if you will be curling multiple times, (in a league or in the Junior program) they should be dedicated for curling only, not used for anything else.

How will I learn the sport?

Like any sport you will learn through a combination of instruction and game play. As a new curler, you will be placed with other new curlers and be put through basic drills. As you progress, the drills will become more demanding to increase your skill level. In game situations, you will be placed on a team with one or two experienced players and another inexperienced player. This will allow you to "learn by doing" as well learn by watching the experienced players. Overall, you will have both direct instruction and game play.

What if I just want to try the sport?

The best way to try curling is through a Learn to Curl event. Please see the home page for when/where an event is and how to register.