Welcome to the Broomstones Junior Curling Program

Website Updated 12-6-18

Important Dates:

Dec. 27-30: GNCC U18 Playdowns at The Country Club

Jan. 4-7: Nashua Junior Bonspiel

Mar. 3rd: Atomic Curling and last day of curling

Email junior program coordinator Scott Price at scott.price@broomstones.org for any questions or to be notified when registration for the 2019 season opens.

Upcoming Junior Learn to Curls

Get a chance to try curling and see if it is right for you!

There are no upcoming learn to curls. If you would like to be notified about curling opportunities, email scott.price@broomstones.org to be added to the list

  • a 1 hour 15min instructional course for inexperienced individuals in grades 4-12.
  • Learn the basics of curling (delivery, sweeping and how the game is played).
  • Only $25!!

Questions?? Email Scott Price at scott.price@broomstones.org.

Bonspiel Results


2018-2019 Season

Click here for past results

Cape Cod Youth Spiel (Dec. 2018)

A Event Winner (Broomstones)

Team Galatis (Left to Right)

Skip: Riley Galatis

Vice: DJ Neill

Second: Daniel Skoog

Lead Austin Jageler

A Event Runner Up

Team Markarian (Left to Right)

Skip: Max Markarian (Broomstones)

Vice: Nathaniel Gartner (Cape Cod)

Lead: Lucas Berube (Broomstones)

B Event Winners (Broomstones)

Team Segel (Left to Right)

Skip: Jillian Segel

Vice: Julia Rydzewski

Second: Maggie Fitzgerald

Lead: Ellie Price

Broomstones Junior Bonspiel (Nov. 2018)

B Event Winner

Team Hebert: Skip-Ethan Hebert(Broomstones), Vice-Caleb Gartner(Broomstones), Second-Will Gerlach(Cape Cod), Lead-Nicholas Cenzalli(Cape Cod)

C Event Winner

Team Cousins (Broomstones): Skip-Elizabeth Cousins, Vice-Nadia Tshumakow , Second-Sydney Mullaney, Lead- Alina Tshumakow

C Event Runner Up

Team Galatis (Broomstones): Skip-Riley Galatis, Vice-Christopher Vidaurrazaga, Second-Matt Cole, Lead-DJ Neill

D Event Winner

Team Neill (Broomstones): Skip-Addison Neill, Vice-Julia Pekowitz, Second-Julia Rydzewski, Lead-Kailey Price

D event Runner Up

Team Skoog (Broomstones): Skip-Benjamin Skoog, Vice-Vivian Bannister (Cape Cod), Lead-Max Markarian

Crystal Slam Gatineau, Quebec (Oct. 2018)


Team Sinnett (Left to Right)

Skip: Chase Sinnett (Broomstones)

Vice: Trevor Marquardt (St. Paul)

Second: Jon Harstad (Duluth)

Lead: Eli Clawson (Potomac)

U18 Phoenix Slam Waterloo, Ontario (Sept 2018)


Team Dudt (Left to Right)

Skip: Susan Dudt (Philadelphia)

Vice: Nadia Tschumakow (Broomstones)

Second: Sydney Mullaney (Broomstones)

Lead: Alina Tschumakow (Broomstones)

Stu Sells Junior Tankard Ontario (Sept. 2018)


Team Sinnett (Left to Right)

Skip: Chase Sinnett (Broomstones)

Vice: Trevor Marquardt (St. Paul)

Second: Jon Harstad (Duluth)

Lead: Eli Clawson (Potomac)

Cape Cod Junior Summer Spiel (July 2018)

A Event Winners

Team Sinnett (Left to Right)

Lead: Danny Casper (Ardsley)

Second: Andrew Gittis (Philadelphia)

Vice: Eli Clawson (Potomac)

Skip: Chase Sinnett (Broomstones)

D Event Winners

Team Hebert (Left to Right)

Skip: Ethan Hebert (Broomstones)

Vice: Caleb Gartner (Cape Cod)

Second: Ben Grady (Philadelphia)

Lead: Shaheen Bassieri (Philadelphia)