The Broomstones Junior Curling Program is a developmental program that strives to provide the necessary skills and positive environment that will enable and encourage each of its participants to enjoy the sport of curling.  With an emphasis on integrity, confidence and technique the program not only prepares the participants to successfully encounter the challenges of the sport, but also fosters important life skills.

While the program has many national level junior curlers, all are welcome from beginner to expert and every participant is encouraged to participate at the level they feel most comfortable.  Instruction will always be catered to the participants ability and comfort level.

(Programs are seasonal running October through March)

Little Rockers (Grade 1-4)  Sundays 2:45-3:45.  
$100 for members children $125 for non-members children.
Our Little Rocker program is designed to introduce the fundamentals of curling and develop an appreciation of the sport.  Depending on the age and ability level of the student they will throw stones 1/2 sheet or 3/4 sheet.

Youth (Grade 4-6)  Sundays 1:45-2:45
$100 for members children $125 for non-members children.
While and emphasis on the fundamentals is stressed the youth program begins to focus on game play preparing the students for the Junior level.  These students will throw stones the full sheet.  To be in the youth group, those in grade 4 must be able to throw a stone the full sheet.

Juniors (Grade 7 and up)  (see below for programs and times)  
$100 for members children $125 for non-members children.
The Junior program offers a competitive and social portion to fit the desires and needs of each particular student. See below for the various programs.

- Competitive Program (Sundays 11:00-1:30). The Competitive Program is the main program for curlers in grades 7 and up.  It is designed to improve skills both on and off the ice preparing curlers for all levels of play.  The program is comprised of three sections: Skills and Drills 11-12:00, off ice training 12:00-12:30 and game play 12:30-1:30.  This program is mandatory for all new curlers and optional for those with at least 1/2 year curling experience.

- Social League Play (Sundays 1:30-2:30).  This league is designed for those who would like to curl socially not competitively.  Although skills are taught, it is not the main focus.  Instead, participants will be placed on teams (pickup style) and those teams will play against one another in 4 end games.  In order to participate in only the social league, you must have at least 1/2 season curling experience in one of the other programs (Junior Competitive, Youth or Little Rocker).  At any time, those who have signed up for the social league may join the competitive program.

- Olympic Development Program (Wednesdays 4-6).  This program offers the next level of training for those curlers who are interested in competing at the highest level.  You must have curled in the competitive program for at least one year or have the recommendation of the Junior Program Coordinator to be in this program. For more information on this program or to register, please contact Dave Sinnett at

Marlboro Curling Program (Grade 7 and up) (Tentatively Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:30).  $700 for 44 sessions starting Sept 12th.  New curlers rate will be prorated to their start date.  This program is still under development but if held will be at the New England Sports Center in Marlboro MA.  It is designed to provide extra practice through skills and drills as well as off ice work.  This is a new program being offered for 2017 if the interest/demand is there.  Start dates, cost etc may change depending on signups.

Junior in an Adult League (Grade 7 and up).  
This option provides membership into the Broomstones Junior Program as well as participation in one adult league.  $200 for members, $220 for non-members for the season.  Please contact Broomstones Membership for this option at

LCIT Instructor Program (Grade 11-12 Preferred)
LCIT's (Leader CIT's) are CIT's who have shown leadership and instructional abilities and who are looking to take a greater roll in the running of the Youth and Little Rocker Program. The LCIT's work directly with the CIT's and program coordinator to instruct and help manage the Youth and Little Rocker program. Must have previously been a CIT. There is a stipend provided for participation in the program. 

CIT Instructor Program (Grade 9-12)
Become a CIT instructor for the Youth and Little Rockers. CIT's lead classes and instruction (under adult supervision) 
for the youth and Little Rocker Programs.  Must have previously been a CIT or jCIT. There is a stipend for participation in the program. 

JCIT Program (Grade 8-12)
Become a jCIT (Junior CIT) for the Youth and Little Rockers. Assist the CIT's and learn how to become an CIT for the 
Youth and Little Rocker program. Participation in the program is volunteer. 

*CIT- Coach in training

Are you new to the Junior Program and do not have a parent as a Broomstones Member? You can register here.

For more information contact Scott Price at or 774-312-6863.