Welcome to the Broomstones Junior Program

Congratulations to these Broomstones individuals and teams at the Broomstones Junior Bonspiel.
A Event Runner Up
Skip:  Chase Sinnett
Vice:Evan Mullaney
Second: Justin Arndt (Nutmeg)
Lead:  Jack Kelly

B Event Winners
Skip:  Elizabeth Cousins
Vice: Ivy Mancuso
Second: Clayton Kincaid
Lead: Sydney Mullaney

D Event Winners
Skip:  Max Manguane
Vice: Alex Pan (Boston CC)
Second:  Max Bennett
Lead: Calvin Parker

Developmental Winners
Skip:  Peter Tsipis
Vice:  Ethan Hebert
Second: Cedar Kennedy (Potomac)
Lead:  Hudson Kennedy (Potomac)

Junior Learn to Curl
Get a chance to try curling and see if it is right for you!

  • 2 day instructional course (One day for students in grades 1-6)
  • Inexperienced individuals in grades 1-12.
  • Learn the basics of curling (delivery, sweeping and how the game is played).
Only $20 for the two days ($10 for those in grades 1-6 for the one day event)
The learn to curl is free if you have registered for the Broomstones Junior Program and required for those who are new to curling.

Our Next learn to curl will be held in Oct of 2016.  Please leave your email here to be contacted about our next learn to curl.
Questions??  Email Scott Price at scott.price@broomstones.org or phone 774-312-6863.