Olympic Development Program

Goal:  To develop a pool of advanced junior curlers who hold the Olympic competition as their ultimate curling goal.


The Olympic Development Program is a program developed by CurlTech, a knowledge based curling company, to benefit Broomstones’ junior curlers.   It is available to any Broomstones junior member (U21) with the personal goal of becoming an Olympian.  Coaches with Olympic hopefuls on a weekly basis to fine tune curling mechanics, systems and game knowledge.  The curriculum is based on the Curling School’s Curling Manual found at www.curlingschool.com.

This program offers advanced training to a junior participant’s standard curling activities and play.

It consists of three levels that, when mastered, provide the necessary skills to become a curling Olympian.  During the process of moving through the levels, each player or team should experience an increased level of success as they compete in leagues, bonspiels and play downs for national championships. 

To qualify for the program, a player must be a Broomstones member with a base foundation of curling skills.  Other Broomstones programs (leagues, clinics, etc.) will teach the fundamentals that the ODP builds upon.  In addition to the base knowledge gained in other programs, all participants must:

  •          Have Olympics as the goal
  •          Be coachable
  •          Be committed to changing and getting better
  •          Accept the CurlTech curriculum, mechanics systems and principles
  •          Have a minimum degree of proficiency (must be able to slide with a balanced delivery)
  •          Be nice


We ask all participants to respect the instructors willingness to contribute their time on their behalf and show a strong commitment to the program.

 Level 1 – Skill Development

Level 1 is individual-based.  Players focus on delivery and sweeping mechanics and must master a solid delivery foundation.  Proper tempo, balance, line of delivery and release are required.  Session work includes delivery repetition and some game time for practice under pressure.  Basic game knowledge, strategy and mental toughness are also introduced here.

 To graduate from Level 1, an individual must demonstrate the following:


  •          Proper setup
  •          Proper tempo (includes drawback, weight shift and foot delay)
  •          Balanced delivery
  •          Rock on line of delivery
  •          Proper release

 All students will be rated periodically using the CurlTech Delivery Analysis form.

 Level 2 – Performance

Level 2 is individual or team based.  Level 2 athletes take a solid foundation of mechanics and apply them to shot-making. An emphasis is placed on line and weight adjustments (i.e., touch and finesse).  Repetition is the key to Level 2.  Intermediate level game knowledge, strategy and mental toughness are introduced here.

 To graduate from Level 2 a player must demonstrate the following:

  •          Throw straight down the line of delivery at various brooms
  •          Adjust weight with various calls (measured by splits)
  •          Show draw consistency
  •          Demonstrate active scoring concepts
  •          Regularly employ mental toughness techniques

 Level 3 – Team Skills and Systems

Level 3 is team-based.  Level 3 teams work on position skills, team systems, advanced strategy and team mental toughness.  For consistency reasons, players are encouraged (but not required) to build teams from inside the program.  This will allow teams to practice and develop all necessary team systems together.

Graduation from Level 3 means a team has all the necessary skills, systems and knowledge to become an Olympic medalist.  Commitment and practice will determine the level of success.

 Ongoing Activity

It’s important to note what happens with the regular curling activity for the program participants.  All participants are encouraged to play in as many leagues, bonspiels and playdowns as possible.  It’s likely that if they commit to the program and the skills, they will enjoy a higher level of success in their regular events.


Wednesday afternoons from 4-6.

Key Dates                      Hopefuls

  • 2014 Winter Olympics             Probably no one ready
  • 2016 Youth Olympics              Must be born in 1998 or 1999, several potential Youth Olympians
  • 2018 Winter Olympics             Some participants (college age or older) may be ready
  • 2020 Youth Olympics              Must be born in 2002 or 2003
  • 2022 Winter Olympics             Todays middle school high school age could be ready

CurlTech Curler’s Creed

My behavior on and off the ice will be consistent with the “Spirit of Curling”

I will treat my teammates, coaches and opponents with respect.

I will be prepared and ready to play or practice 15 minutes early.

I will always view my opponent as a challenge to my skills.

I will wear my uniform with respect to the traditions of curling.

I will NEVER, EVER slam a broom or kick a rock.

I will compete with humble confidence.

I will never cheer against other members of this program.